Knee Surgeon Melbourne is An Expert in The Field of Knee Surgery

As a leading knee surgeon in Melbourne, We specializes in the treatment of a broad range of conditions, including anterior cruciate ligament injuries, patellar instability, osteotomies, and knee replacement. While he has helped elite athletes and is an expert in the field, he is equally comfortable helping arthritic patients and recreational athletes. To learn more about Dr. Feller, please read his full bio below.

Highly respected knee surgeon in Melbourne. He practices privately at the Warringal Hospital and Epworth Hospital, and provides world-class care for a range of conditions. ligament injury, sports injury, and general wear and tear. His expertise in the medical management of tendon and muscle is second-to-none. His compassionate and caring approach to patient care has led to an outstanding track record of successful treatment and patient satisfaction.

Highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne. He has completed fellowships in the UK and France and brought the latest techniques and innovations to his practice. He has been performing surgery in Melbourne since 2004 and specializes in minimally invasive techniques and patient-specific total and partial knee replacement. Moreover, Mr. Freedman is a Fellow of the Australian Orthopaedic Association.

A highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon, He specializes in the treatment of a wide range of knee problems, from general wear and tear to sports injuries and arthritis. He has decades of experience treating patients with all types of knee injuries. At his clinic, he will diagnose and treat the condition using a variety of techniques to restore mobility and function.

Surgical options are the most common treatment for a knee problem. The most common surgical procedures involve the use of a prosthesis. A specialist in a Melbourne orthopaedics is the best choice for this type of procedure. The surgeon is highly trained to perform the operation using the most advanced techniques. During a hip or knee replacement, the patient will be given the best possible results. A surgeon with a good level of experience is a must-have for patients with a wide range of problems.

The surgeon at Knee Surgeon Melbourne is an expert in the field of knee surgery. He specializes in the treatment of hip and knee conditions and has clinical teaching responsibilities at the University of Melbourne. He will carefully discuss the risks and benefits of a total knee replacement procedure with you. During this consultation, he will also discuss nonoperative measures that you can take to help the recovery process. If you are considering this procedure, make sure your doctor has reviewed your MRI.

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