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Popular Hair Tattoos

Hair Tattoo Melbourne has been one of the leading providers of quality and trendy designs of tattoos. They cater to both men and women who are looking for something original to add to their body art. The designs can be anything you want them to be, and there is something for everyone here. The selection includes a wide range of both classic and modern images, and you are sure to find something that you will love. Here are a few of their top picks for the month of March:

This popular design features two intertwining waves with a line at the center. It usually starts near the top of the head and ends near the bottom. The tattoo design can be made to look even more amazing by adding some tribal inspired designs to it. It can also be adapted to look like other animals such as a snake, fish, lion or dragon. If you go for the upside down version then this can also work very well. This particular tattoo can work very well if you are looking to have something that you can wear every day.

A Celtic design is something that has been around for hundreds of years. Many people carry them around as a symbol of their heritage, or to remember loved ones. The hair tattoo can come in many forms, depending on the person’s preference. A short braid can be worn down close to the scalp. If you have longer hair, then the braid can be left longer to flow over the entire length of the back.

This tattoo is popular among men, but is also becoming more popular among women. It is centered on the hair shaft, and features a single vertical line. Usually a single flower will be seen entwined within the design. This particular design works well if you are trying to get attention from the opposite sex, because the flower can serve as a tattoo indicator of when they are available.

This is another one of the more popular styles for a hair tattoo. If you go to a parlor that specializes in this kind of tattoo, it should be no problem to obtain an original design. Most parlors will have books of designs that you can look through before making your decision. The tattoo can be small and subtle, or elaborate and dramatic.

Men and women can get a hair tattoo, and they can have it in a variety of places. There are some that go right on the head, while others are smaller and more hidden. These tattoos will remain until you decide to remove them. If you are considering getting one, make sure that you research the different options. You can go to the parlor and take a look at the different designs, or you can go online to find the perfect image.

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